In 1975, Pat Prendergast formed Prendergast & Associates and worked to develop projects for retail, office, warehouse, and manufacturing users. He and his team placed special importance on the quality of each building’s design, construction, energy efficiency, safety, management, and maintenance. Pat Prendergast, and the success of his projects, is the result of sensitivity and market knowledge gained from hands-on research, national experience, and careful planning. With his vast understanding of the complex growth patterns in both urban and suburban environments, he has been ahead of the game and has truly pioneered growth in Portland. In 1991,  the company invested in fifty acres of underused train yards, warehouses, and manufacturing plants, and developed The Pearl District. He worked closely with City Council to create a viable infrastructure to encompass smart living, commerce, and transportation. What was once an eyesore is now seen as an innovation in urban development nationwide. It is a thriving and highly sought after community. Other major land investments include 200 acres ventured with Pac Trust to create the home of Fujitsu and 150 acres ventured with BN/Glacier Park to create the Nike Campus. 40 years of successfully completed projects include 16 office buildings, 6 flex buildings, 4 warehouses, 10 multi-family buildings, 6 branch banks, 3 restaurant buildings, 24 convenience stores, and 4 retail strip centers. Prendergast & Associates is committed to helping guide the future development of Portland.
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